Flat Transmission Belt

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Flat transmission belt is a common-used flat rubber belt, also called transmission belt, which usually takes high-quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers.


It is mainly used in a variety of factories, mines, terminals, metallurgical industry. Besides being used in ordinary mechanical power transmission and great power processing of grains like rice and wheat, it also can be used in irrigation equipment, wood cutting and other power transmitting equipment for agricultural and other industries.

Product classification:

1.     Category: 28 OZ (ounce), 30 OZ (ounce), 32 OZ (ounce), 34 OZ (ounce) and 36 OZ (ounce).

2.     Cut edge flat rubber belt: Cut edge flat rubber belt is manufactured by bonding several layers of full width canvas together. The sides of the belt are surfaces formed by cutting and the          belt edge surfaces are coated with rubber paste.

3.     Round edge flat rubber belt: Round edge flat rubber belt is folded by the outer ply or plies of canvas and the sides of the belts are curved surfaces.

4.     Available in a variety of colors, mainly of them are four colors: light brown, yellow, orange and black.


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