Electric conveyor belt vulcanizer

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Electric Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer (or vulcanizing press, hot vulcanizing machine), is a special equipment for belt splicing. The machine is made of light aluminum alloy material, small in size and light in weight. Powered by ordinary three-phase power supply, it has the advantages of uniform temperature of the hot plate and uniform pressure of the water pressure system (0~1.8Mpa).
It is equipped with a light electric control box, and the connection between the electric control box and the main unit is completed by an integrated plug-in and a multi-core cable, which makes the operation convenient. It also has the characteristics of fast heating, uniform temperature and high thermal efficiency.


The product is widely used and can be used for joint bonding conveyors for metallurgy, chemical, metal mines, power plants, ports, terminals and other industries.
According to the instructions of this machine, the correct vulcanization and splicing can be carried out, and the strength of the finished splice can reach more than 90% of the original strength.
The splice can be almost the same as the original belt, which not only reduces the wear on the conveyor system, but also extends the life of the conveyor and rubber conveyor belt.

Technical parameters
(1) Vulcanization pressure: 0~1.5 Mpa;
(2) vulcanization temperature: 145 °C;
(3) Surface temperature difference of the vulcanized board: ± 5 °C;
(4) Heating time (normal temperature to 145 ° C); no more than 30 mins;
(5) Power supply voltage: 220V-660V 50/60HZ 3PHASES;
(6) Temperature adjustment range: 0~200°C;
(7) Timing adjustment range: 0~99 mins;
(8) After the pressurization of 0.8 Mpa, the gap between upper and lower heating plate is no more than 0.4mm.

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