Annual Meeting of TRX International Sales Branch

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Annual Meeting of TRX International Sales Branch


TRX International sales branch held its annual meeting of 2018 in Shangri-La Hotel, Qinhuangdao city in Jan 15th, 2019.  It’s held for summing up the achievement of 2018 and awarding the employees for their whole year’ hard work.  


In the year of 2018, our branch successfully reached the goal set by our leader, our team grew from 6 to 14, and our products covered more and more categories such as more special light weight belts, more accessories related to conveyor system, as well as different types of machines for the related industry.


In the year of 2019, we will continue to serve our customers good quality products with good service as well as responsible attitude, and we are hoping that this year can also be a harvest year!