Double teeth timing belt

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1.Quality raw material
2.High performance and long life
3.The newest technology and advanced testing
4.Excellent appearance
1).MXL. XL. L. H. XH. XXH.
2).T2.5. T5. T10. T20.
3).AT5. AT10. AT20.
4).HTD3M. 5M. 8M. 14M. 20M.
5).STD2M. 5M. 8M.
6).S3M. S5M. S8M. S14M.
7).RPP5M. RPP8M. RPP14M.
8).P1. P2. P4
with PAZ, coating rubber, super grip, steel reinforced etc.
1) material: polyurethane, nylon, steel, or kevlar cord
2) Max. width: 150mm
3) long service life, bearing wear and tear, resistant to oil, heat
4) good anti-cracking performance, and small extending rate
5) good surface without crack
6) competitive price
7) widely used in automobiles, and machinery equipment for auto, sewing, spinning, food processing, household appliances,
printing machines, communication equipment, chemical machines, and various precision machine tools and instruments.
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