Cable Traction Belt

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Cable Traction Belt
We are leading manufacturer of cable traction belt in China.
Our traction belt include: Flat belt type, groove type, multi-wedge type and guiding type. 
Colors include: Black, red, white and blue.
Technical Data:

(1) The elongation of rubber belt is not more than 1% under the condition that the internal tension of cross section is not less than 60kg f/cm2 
(2) Compressed rubber layer: The tear strength is not more than 120kg f/cm2. 
(3) The Akron abrasion loss is less than 0.4cm3/1.61km. 
(4) Hardness: Shore A hardness 60~65°. 
(5) The adhesive strength of brute force layer is not less than 4.5kg f/cm2. 
(6) The service life of rubber belt when used at the speed of not less than 1.5/s≥ 3000h. 
(7) The appearance of rubber belt in its natural state is even and smooth. 
(8) The belts are manufactured with ^ inside) Thread structure and edge cuttModels can be categorized as follows: 
200KG, 300KG, 500KG, 800KG, 1250KG, 1600KG, 2000KG, 3200KG, 4000KG and 5000KG
The cable traction belt is used together with pneumatic (air-pressure) caterpillar tractor.
The thread structure and trimming technology are incorporated in place of previous layer of cloth structure.
The thread structure is characterized small elongation, straight belt, wear resistance and high temperature withstanding.
The cable traction belt has been recognized by various cable works and electric machinery plants throughout the country after use and held a certain share of market.
Therefore, our company becomes a leading enterprise for production of traction belts in China.

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