Hot asphalt belt

Category:Heavy-duty belt     Number of times read:1078     Release time:2019-03-25

Fabric: Polyester/Nylon

Top Surface: 3/16" Smooth Cover

Bottom Surface: 1/16" Smooth Cover

Compound: NBR

Work Tension: 330 lbs./PIW

Elongation: Less than 4%

Weight P.I.W. / Ft.: .217 lbs.

Working Temperature: -20F to 250F

Joining Method: Lap Splice; Lacing

Features:  Such belt features a compound designed to service a combination of high temperature and oil.  It has good abrasion resistance and retains flexibility in environments up to 350F in many applications.

Applications: 330 3/16 x 1/16 HA is popular carrying hot asphalt, oily grains and oil treated coal. It is also used in sewage treatment where oil can be a problem.

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