Incline belt/Rough top

Category:Heavy-duty belt     Number of times read:755     Release time:2019-03-25

Fabric: Polyester
Minimum Pulley Diameter: 2"

Top Surface: Rubber Hemp Impression

Bottom Surface: Bare

Compound: SBR

Work Tension: 150 lbs. PIW

Elongation: Less than 2%

Weight P.I.W. / Ft.: .095 lbs.

Working Temperature: -20F to 250F

Joining Method: Lap Splice; Lacing

Features: This belt offers excellent gripping for standard incline conveyors. The polyester carcass offers high strength and low stretch. NOTE--The rough top impression must be recessed to use lacing. Use Recessed OAG for Lacing Recommendation.

Applications: 2 Ply Black rough top is the most popular incline belt in our product line. It will handle almost all products including boxed, bagged or packaged goods.