Our quality inspector is responsible for testing each single roll of the belts produced, we have our own testing equipments to test various performance of the belts such as adhesion, tensile strength, abrasion as well as elongation at break etc.  

Standards Complied:
Our technicians / equipment are trained to manufacture belts as per: DIN 22102(German), AS 1333(Australian), SABS (South African), RMA (US, South America), BS 490(British), JS (Japanese)

Cover selection:

General Light Duty Service
Common References: DIN-Z:
Very economical for moderately abrasive / small size material.

Medium Abrasion Resistance:
Common Reference: DIN-Y, N, RMA 2, BS-N17, AS-N, JIS-G:
Recommended for moderate abrasion resistance applications, mostly above ground. Regularly used for transportation of Coal, crushed ores, limestone, bauxite, sand, cement etc...

High Abrasion Resistance
Common Reference: DIN-X, M, RMA 1, BS-M24, AS-M, JIS-S:
Excellent abrasion resistance against cutting, gouging, heavy impact, during transportation of heavy
rocks, sharp stones and highly abrasive materials.

Super Abrasion Resistance
Common Reference: DIN-W:
Recommended in extremely abrasive applications such as Copper & gold ore, sinter, coke, It provides high resistance without increasing cover thickness and weight of the belt.

Oil Resistant (OR) & Moderately Oil Resistant (MOR):
Specifically used for transportation of specific materials with high / moderate concentration of animal or vegetable fats. The special compound used in the covers, avoids damage / swelling of belt also during transportation of material with pine oil, wood oil, olive oil, petroleum etc....